Friday, 9 May 2014

Fashion for the ladies

Then the ladies of the directorate and later Empire to light airy dresses without sleeves and put on his shoes without heels simple

Shoes made of soft leather or cloth was incised front and strengthens the leg bindings like ancient sandals.

Their popularity remained in the future.

Romanticism of the 19th century made of a woman, the heroine of novels and lyrical poems.

This literary direction found its expression also in vogue.  For more info

The women were admired by their delicacy, fragility - and of course decency.

 Although life experience was a little different, fashion reinforces this ideal.

The word came again and bodices, petticoats, lace, curl and other attributes of "femininity".

Contrast to the huge sleeves and skirts was stronger even a tiny waist "fine leg".

Long skirts romantic dress a little shorter, so provide a view of the hem lace petticoats, revealing the feet to the ankles clad in white stockings. This allows us to fashion drawings, then monitor variations "ballet flats".

Fragile simple boats made of leather or cloth matching color dress at the feet of reinforced ribbons just the way we are used to seeing today in professional ballet dancers.

While at the beginning of 60th years of the twentieth century, mannequins and women professing "haute couture" plagued walking in high stiletto heels

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