Friday, 9 May 2014

Fashionable lipstick

In the middle Ages it was fining the contrary, the body considered as a tool of the devil.

A new wave of interest in substantially red, rouged lips occurred in the 16th century.

Especially in England, during the reign of Elizabeth II

Formed red lips with white face makeup directly alluring contrast. Similarly, played a significant role in the rococo red lipstick

Under a powdered wig on alabaster white face glowed red lips and attracted attention, not only for women but also men.  For further info visit here

No wonder it is always presented themselves moralizers who highlighted the sexuality publicly denounced.

The English Parliament even issued a law in 1770 banning the use of lipstick and a woman who "seduced men into marriage" as a result of his trial, could be tried for witchcraft.

All myths about lipstick as a tool of the devil wiped film. First, the dumb,

Where the actors dramatically depicted as facial expression of his face had to replace speech.

Do seductive lips painted hearts immediately became a model for women.

That, however, lipstick similar to the current one and cosmetic industry

Allowed to all women to participate in highlighting its charm

The film became entertainment for all layers of society. His influence on clothing

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