Friday, 9 May 2014

The revolution in fashion

Young girls went into the streets and into dance halls just in it were elegant and comfortable to wear and change logicyencephala long.

Significantly contributed to the revolution in fashion

 Stockings and garter belts replaced elastic tights bold colors and patterns.

 And to them was a perfect just simple elegant pump with very low Navy it may not be fixed to the leg ribbons, sewn rubber on the edges or on the instep held securely on the foot.

This kind of slippers proved to be very practical - almost universal

He threw just as well as skirts to trousers, in could ride a scooter and dancing rock-and-roll.

That is why He put not only young girls but also practical women. Even shopping in them could rush faster than "fidgety".  Click here
And then when they showed Audrey Hepburn, there was no doubt what you are putting on women.

The popularity of ballet flats remained to this day actually has increased.

A lot of current models is appropriately decorated: leather flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, one or more straps across the instep and around the ankle.

They are no longer just simple shoes with flat soles or low heels hidden under skirts.

They have become the fashion accessory of the season for all sorts of activities.

 It goes well with any outfit, and if you'll watch a bit of style as well as almost every occasion.

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