Friday, 9 May 2014

Fashion Icon: Red Lipstick

Fashion Icon: Red Lipstick

Red lips, it is a timeless classic.

 Red lipstick has always been a symbol of femininity, passion and attraction.

 If it is precisely plotted and the color flatters your skin tone, suits everyone and there is no reason to fear it.

Fashion Icon: Red Lipstick

Red color on the lips accompanied by women for millennia

Even before the invention of lipstick as we know it today, was one of the red colors on the lips of the basic cosmetics. what is fashion

Witness the archaeological findings from the ancient city of Babylon.

All dyes, which then used the ancient peoples of the trial was

Taken from nature: from plants, dried and crushed beetles, clays and color

Minerals crushed to dust.

The link was fat, oil and beeswax.

Reached perfection depicted in ancient Egypt.

 What meaning should Decorative cosmetics for the noble Egyptian, evidenced by the significant features maids - babysitter cabinets with makeup. Make-up was expensive and rare.

Deposited into jars and rubbed on the plates. Red lips likes to wear such as Queen Cleopatra.

Her lipstick formed according to available records powder of dried crimson beetle, the link was broken ant larvae.

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